I am not a dedicated raider, but I love raiding. Since I can never commit to the raiding schedules that guilds require of their raiders, I am in a constant state of pugging. When I'm not actively in a pug, I am scanning the trade channel looking for one that will have all the qualities required to be successful- gear, experience, patience, and maybe a little bit of luck. When I find such a group, I'm ecstatic. But more often than not, I face group after group of impatient, inexperienced, and under geared scrubs who simply want to be carried to the final boss so they can get their [EPIC LOOT] Those groups often end in a way that everyone who has ever pugged is familiar with- people getting frustrated and leaving. But every now and then, there is a group that fails so bad, the fail is almost a win, in and of itself, for being such a unique level of fail.

Those are the groups this blog is about.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hating Huntards

ahhh... So many of my articles surround huntards. It's because I love to hate huntards. We all love to hate them. Their pets run amok, pulling critters that you didn't even know the dungeon held. They're given the option to need on practically every piece of gear, and they do. And feign death, ooooo, feign death. They've got that repair bill avoidance hack that they just milk the shit out of.

They're like the red-headed stepchild of all the wow classes. You almost want to lock them in a cupboard under the stairs.

As much as I would love to write another article slamming huntards, this article isn't going to be it. This one is about the people who unfailingly Hate huntards. Don't get me wrong! I totally understand the hating of huntards. They deserve it and have it coming to them.
But. There is occasionally, a time when a hunter does something normal, something that anyone else would do, and they are bitched at, simply because of their huntardness.
In particular, this is about loot, and the needing thereof.

Huntards are special, in that they can roll /need on pretty much anything. Except wands. I don't think they can need on wands. But I could be mistaken. Anyways, huntards can roll on pretty much everything. Most often, they do. Str/Stam/Spirit/Int/Dodge... whatever. They'll roll on /need on it, cause they can.They even come up with Awesome crackpot reasons why they "need" said item.
Like This Guy!
 But the best crackpot reason ever? When they actually need it for an upgrade. And when it's actually a hunter item. /le gasp That.... happens?! Yes, people. It may be as rare as a wow geek* getting laid, but it does occasionally happen. And people who have become stuck in the "I hate huntards" vortex freak the fuck out.
The lol-guy. One ninja'd item away from going postal.
They're just shocked, shocked to their very core that a hunter dared to /need on something that they wanted as well. Hell, they'll freak out even when it's something they didn't want. Why? because people love to hate huntards.

*- Atypical stereotype wow geek. IE:

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