I am not a dedicated raider, but I love raiding. Since I can never commit to the raiding schedules that guilds require of their raiders, I am in a constant state of pugging. When I'm not actively in a pug, I am scanning the trade channel looking for one that will have all the qualities required to be successful- gear, experience, patience, and maybe a little bit of luck. When I find such a group, I'm ecstatic. But more often than not, I face group after group of impatient, inexperienced, and under geared scrubs who simply want to be carried to the final boss so they can get their [EPIC LOOT] Those groups often end in a way that everyone who has ever pugged is familiar with- people getting frustrated and leaving. But every now and then, there is a group that fails so bad, the fail is almost a win, in and of itself, for being such a unique level of fail.

Those are the groups this blog is about.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Carry me, please!

I prefer to join pugs where the guy advertising says something like "5.6 GS and achiev required". I know it's going to be a fairly easy run, I know most of the people are geared and experienced, at least to the raid leaders satisfaction. The run will go smoothly enough, with a couple errors due to laziness and will usually fall apart when people have to leave for guild raids or real life engagements.

However, every now and then, that's not the case.
Occasionally, I'll run into this kind of advertisement: "5.8GS and Frost wing achiev required. wtb kingslayer for H modes. Going 11/12"
I see that and I get real excited- finally, a run that will be more challenging than the weekly "naxx" badge farm. I send my info, get an invite and notice that about a quarter of the people in the run are from the same guild. Whatever- guild run that needed more people. But then I get to the instance and my heart sinks. Some of them, including the raid leader, barely have the minimum gear to be farming trash.

Now that- it just boggles my mind. I can understand not having the greatest gear and trying to get a run to improve that shortcoming, but to advertise requesting top notch players and put on a front that implies a truly epic run...
For shame.

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