I am not a dedicated raider, but I love raiding. Since I can never commit to the raiding schedules that guilds require of their raiders, I am in a constant state of pugging. When I'm not actively in a pug, I am scanning the trade channel looking for one that will have all the qualities required to be successful- gear, experience, patience, and maybe a little bit of luck. When I find such a group, I'm ecstatic. But more often than not, I face group after group of impatient, inexperienced, and under geared scrubs who simply want to be carried to the final boss so they can get their [EPIC LOOT] Those groups often end in a way that everyone who has ever pugged is familiar with- people getting frustrated and leaving. But every now and then, there is a group that fails so bad, the fail is almost a win, in and of itself, for being such a unique level of fail.

Those are the groups this blog is about.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The people of PUGs

One of the great things about leveling by spamming the dungeon finder Queue is all the great and diverse people you run into. Seriously, there are all kinds.

You'll run into couples who sit in the same room while playing and choose to talk to each other with petnames(muffincake) in the party chat. Some groups have family members in them who use wow as a way to stay in touch. There are the deathly silent groups who smash through instance after instance without uttering a peep, that suddenly becomes very akward after one of the party members blurts forth a ridiculous MT- "Did she really fit the entire thing in her mouth?" A group that's terrible, but makes up for it with cheeky conversation and the simple ability to enjoy the game and every "oops" situation that they stumble headfirst into.

Now that the Horde has been given a new mount to grind reputation towards, there are far more runs than normal for the dungeon leveler to simply sit back and relax in due to the level 80's that are carrying the group. Most are cool, chill people and will gladly waver to the left or right of their intended course to allow a lowbie to get their quest drops. Some are egotistical pricks who have to let the rest of the group know how awesome they are by calling the rest of the group scrubs and spamming recount. (like- wtf dude? You're four levels above the rest of the group and sporting all heroic 25 gear) There are also the terribly patient 80's who suffer through the learning curves of those who are exceptionally new to wow, and even provide pointers and tips to help those newbies with their adventures.

As a 80 healer, I have occasionally carried friends, guildmates, or people from trade who begged pathetically enough through dungeons. I can attest that carrying lowbies can be a trial. But with my current gear and my mad skills ( /flex e-peen) I can save groups from nearly every kind of "oops" imaginable. Occasionally, I'll run into a group that I'm running who's attitudes annoy me and I may leave or vote the offender out. But! That said, I've never done what was done to me this past weekend. Enjoy the attached screenshot. And level 80's looking for your reputation or to run a guildmate, please don't be "That Guy", muffincake.

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