I am not a dedicated raider, but I love raiding. Since I can never commit to the raiding schedules that guilds require of their raiders, I am in a constant state of pugging. When I'm not actively in a pug, I am scanning the trade channel looking for one that will have all the qualities required to be successful- gear, experience, patience, and maybe a little bit of luck. When I find such a group, I'm ecstatic. But more often than not, I face group after group of impatient, inexperienced, and under geared scrubs who simply want to be carried to the final boss so they can get their [EPIC LOOT] Those groups often end in a way that everyone who has ever pugged is familiar with- people getting frustrated and leaving. But every now and then, there is a group that fails so bad, the fail is almost a win, in and of itself, for being such a unique level of fail.

Those are the groups this blog is about.

Monday, December 6, 2010


I've seen a few multi-boxers before. Wearing the same outfits and gear, all stacked up so closely it almost appears your video card is having a minor glitch. But until now, I've never seen them anywhere except out and about, in town or out questing.

This weekend, I ran into a group that had a multi-boxer playing three toons. Normally, I see shammy's, but this was three boomchickens. I'm gonna be honest, I was a bit aprehensive when I saw that. It's all fine and dandy for a multi-boxer to be out doing their own thing, but I'm not entirely confident in their ability to effectively dungeon with other people. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against them, and am all for them doing what they do. However, some dungeons require versatility, flexability, and the use of utility abilities. You need to be able to move, maintain control of mobs, watch agro, respond to buffs and debuffs, etc. All of that needs to be done in realtime, without pause. A single person controlling a single toon is more than capable of doing all those and more. But a single person controlling more than one toon becomes more limited in what they can effectively do.

I will admit, I have never tried multiboxing. I may be missing the perspective necessary to put out a complete and thorough argument. But it's simply my belief that they're not as capable as they could be.

Moving on. This weekend, I ran into my first pug that had a multiboxer. Three boomchickens, all with the same, slightly predictable, guildname- <Multi-Box>. I was apprehensive, but ran with it, and was pleasantly surprised. He put out acceptable dps, rarely pulled, moved where he needed to, etc. He even behaved correctly for the final boss in Nexus. My opinion of multi boxers has improved, but Nexus is old news, and Cata will be hitting in about 12 hours. I stand by my belief that a multiboxer will lag behind the rest of us who play individul toons.

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