I am not a dedicated raider, but I love raiding. Since I can never commit to the raiding schedules that guilds require of their raiders, I am in a constant state of pugging. When I'm not actively in a pug, I am scanning the trade channel looking for one that will have all the qualities required to be successful- gear, experience, patience, and maybe a little bit of luck. When I find such a group, I'm ecstatic. But more often than not, I face group after group of impatient, inexperienced, and under geared scrubs who simply want to be carried to the final boss so they can get their [EPIC LOOT] Those groups often end in a way that everyone who has ever pugged is familiar with- people getting frustrated and leaving. But every now and then, there is a group that fails so bad, the fail is almost a win, in and of itself, for being such a unique level of fail.

Those are the groups this blog is about.

Monday, December 27, 2010

What if it's your guild?

It's only too easy for me to bash on PUGs. They're... Well, they're PUGs. They need no further explanation. And generally, they deserve every bit of bashing that is thrown their way.

Now organized runs in guilds, those are different. It is basically understood that when you join a guild, you're joining a somewhat like minded group of individuals to take on group projects. That includes raids, dungeons, battlegrounds, world bosses.... etc. Most guilds (good guilds) require some sort of application process and it is during that application process that an individuals experience is established. Generally, that experience will weigh towards whether or not an invitation is extended. Sometimes, no-so-much. Granted, unless the guild is an exceptionally top end raiding guild (Paragon comes to mind) there are bound to be extreme casuals, "I know X, invite please" and that one guy who always seems to be in the fire.

I encountered a guild run this weekend that rivaled most PUGs I end up with. Now I will agree that sometimes people just have an off day. And of course, with Cataclysm so new, most everyone is still learning what to do and what not to do. Those two things combined had me feeling like I was in a group of bads who had all managed to slip through a crack in the application process.

The stage was Heroic Throne of the Tides. The antagonist was Lady Naz’jar. The scene of events that unfolded was party members out of range, an occasional shock blast that went uninterrupted, party members getting caught in whirlwinds, myself getting caught in whirlwinds also as I tried to keep everyone healed, adds running amok and uncontrolled, and wipe, after wipe, after wipe. Thankfully, the graveyard was closeby. I really couldn't tell you if I was to blame or if they were to blame, or if Lady Naz'jar was to blame. I know that nearly everyone, myself included, would get caught up in whirlwinds and for that everyone, myself included, was to blame. But that didn't seem to be the only issue. After 15 or 20 attempts or so(I didn't keep track, but I think I should have) I finally let them know I was too annoyed with it and left.

But seriously, what if it's your guild? You can't exactly nerdrage, or you risk not getting invites again. You can't really just bail out with no reason or a really lame excuse- that'll come back to bite you in the ass also. And you sure can't go on and on about how terrible they are and that they need to l2p in caps lock or you'll risk a Gkick.

So my question for you, loyal readers, is what do you do when it's your guild?


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  1. Normally i call them out in guild chat, like
    "Hey, what exactly is going on in the fight here? why are we wiping?"
    "Hey does anyone have any tips for this encounter X X X X And myself are trying to do it and we keep wiping because of X"
    or teasing teasing and teasing,
    "Lol, did your boots melt standing in the fire that long?"
    "Nice 360 from that whirlwind, woulda been great if we were playing tony hawk"